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San Antonio Valley in Spring

This trip consisted of a long drive, starting from Livermore via Mines Road, continuing past the junction with Del Puerto Canyon, into San Antonio Valley,  over the slopes of Mount Hamilton, past Joseph D. Grant County Park  and ending in San Jose on Alum Rock Avenue. There is mostly private land on both sides of […]

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Of Birds and Berries

Last weekend we noticed a flurry of bird activity in the backyard.  The perpetrators were a large number of American Robins feasting on a bush which was loaded with red berries. Closer inspection revealed a number of smaller birds – Cedar Waxwings – were also partaking of the feast. There must have been over 50 […]

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Snake Sighting in Our Backyard

In early November, I came across an interesting inhabitant of our backyard. It was a Sharp-tailed Snake. We see them every once in a while, usually in summer. This was a small one, lying still under some leaf debris because of the cold weather I suspect. At first I thought it was dead but it […]

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Field Trip to Las Trampas, Contra Costa Co.

Las Trampas is one of the few parks which is accessible early in the morning. We started our hike at about 7 am with high hopes for spotting wildlife. There was the faint hope of seeing a Puma (Mountain Lion) since they have been seen here. We decided to take the trail leading to Las […]

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Field trip to Lime Ridge, Walnut Creek

This trip marked two special things. One was Father’s Day. The other was the start of our search for the elusive Coast Horned Lizard. We had read about some sightings in Lime Ridge Open Space and decided to head there. Our walk in Lime Ridge was through some fairly open grassy slopes, interspersed with some […]

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