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February Finds: Two Species of Salamanders

On a short walk along South Park Drive last weekend in the hills above Berkeley we made some pretty interesting finds: a Yellow-eyed Ensatina and a California Slender Salamander. Each November through March, South Park Drive in Tilden Regional Park is closed to automobiles due to California Newt and Rough-skinned Newt migration. The newts migrate […]

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Field Trip to Las Trampas, Contra Costa Co.

Las Trampas is one of the few parks which is accessible early in the morning. We started our hike at about 7 am with high hopes for spotting wildlife. There was the faint hope of seeing a Puma (Mountain Lion) since they have been seen here. We decided to take the trail leading to Las […]

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Field trip to Morgan Territory, East Contra Costa Co.

On Tuesday morning, I drove to Morgan Territory Regional Park for a hike hoping to see some of the general wildlife of the area. Morgan Territory exhibits classic East Bay habitat and there are no parking fees. For most of the time, I hiked along Volvon Trail. The trail was very easy to walk on […]

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Mines Road and San Antonio Valley, 8/10

I drove along Mines Road and San Antonio Valley early this morning hoping to see some reptiles. In the past, I’ve seen Gopher Snakes, Aquatic Gartersnakes, and Western Rattlesnakes along this road. However, none were to be found today. The main highlight of the day was a herd of Tule Elk resting under some trees […]

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Tesla Road, 8/9

It was a great night for an evening drive along Tesla Road in eastern Livermore. The objective was to look for San Joaquin Kit Foxes, but we failed to find them. Kit Foxes are both nocturnal and extremely difficult to see. We did, however, manage to see several other species of Bay Area animals. As […]

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Coyote Creek Lagoon, 6/28

A quick walk in Coyote Creek Lagoon last Sunday yielded little overall diversity of species, however we had great sightings of a Forster’s Tern dipping and flying in breeding plumage. A big flock of American Avocets, Marbled Godwits, and Long-billed Curlews also took off in beautiful shapes and patterns. Other interesting species seen were¬†Snowy Egrets […]

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Field trip to Lime Ridge, Walnut Creek

This trip marked two special things. One was Father’s Day. The other was the start of our search for the elusive Coast Horned Lizard. We had read about some sightings in Lime Ridge Open Space and decided to head there. Our walk in Lime Ridge was through some fairly open grassy slopes, interspersed with some […]

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